Become a ‘Comtesse’

Take advantage of our 100 years of experience, our renown and of our capability to innovate, to cater for a gourmet clientele which is always on the lookout for original and delicious taste experiences.

The concept

To become a CDB franchisee is to share:  our vision of the world of modern French luxury food, our passion for quality and our love of traditional South West of France fare.

You enjoy gourmet food yourself, you are a dynamic person who likes the world of retail and direct contact with a pleasure seeking clientele, but you prefer to have the support of a well established renowned brand: Why not become a Comtesse du Barry franchisee?

Franchisees benefit from the following support before opening

  • Help in finding retail premises
  • Help with the outlet’s business plan
  • In house training at the headquarters and in the pilot stores
  • Standard shop fitting plans will be provided along with the names and addresses of the suppliers and shop fitters
  • Help with the layout
  • Various shop decorations will be made available e.g. signs, photos, posters
  • The franchisor defines the first orders of stock.
  • Help to launch the outlet via the regional managers.
  • Help on the opening day

Ongoing support (after opening)

  • Regular and ongoing follow up by the headquarters based ‘outlets team’
  • Business support, visits from our business network supervisors
  • Regular delivery of goods to the shop (postage and packaging free)
  • Permanent ongoing dialogue with the franchisees advisory board, through the annual convention and the regional meetings.
  • IT management of the retail outlet
  • Provision of window dressing kits, POS kits and tools, catalogues and leaflets.

in figures


A shop front measuring at least 4.5 metres, allowing for a shop floor area of 35 to 40 m² + 20 m² stockroom.


1,5K€ (approx) exclusive of VAT / m² (not including shell structure or key money which depends on the state of repair)


Initial stock 20K€ exclusive of VAT. Average stock / shop : equivalent of between 1 and 3 months of turnover.

You can choose
3 options

Option 1

Create an exclusive franchise boutique or convert your present outlet into one.

Option 2

Take over an existing Comtesse du Barry franchise.

Option 3

Convert an existing outlet (fine food store, confectioner’s, fine wine store…) into an Comtesse du Barry franchise

For any further information please contact

Christine Vallée, Regional Outlet Network Manager

T. : +33 685 118 692   E-mail : [email protected]